Commentary Week 1 (House of Spirits)

The book itself has created a battle within my mind. Between the oppressed women depicted and the power driven men, I have found myself questioning my beliefs and values towards modern sexist problems. Chapters three and four take a different approach on describing the character Esteban Trueba. In chapter one, Esteban is portrayed as respectable, valiant, and loyal as he expresses his love and gratitude for Rosa and her family as well. Esteban spent years trying to win Rosa and her family over and eventually succeeded. Although, after Rosa’s death, Esteban seems to become a bitter and pitiful man. I say pitiful because although he is strong and feared by many of the people he encounters later on, he seems to lose sight of his morals and becomes empty inside. This is first seen when he enters Tres Marias for the first time. He is taken back by all of the savagery shown by the inhabitants of the land and automatically assumes that he will control them forever because they have no hope. Something that I found ironic was the way he referred to equality and how he executed equality in Tres Marias. There is simply no correlation between the two. His opinion does change towards the end of chapter four when he states that only certain people deserve equality, excluding the people of Tres Marias. I noticed that Esteban is extremely obsessive in anything he decides to accomplish and he will not stop until he is satisfied. What really strikes me as funny in chapter five is Clara’s ability to make Esteban so angry without doing anything. She is a strong (if not the strongest) woman figure in the book and she seems to be the only person who stands up or ignores Esteban’s obsessive rage. It is interesting to see such a strong and powerful person like Esteban, be humbled so easily by Clara.



2 thoughts on “Commentary Week 1 (House of Spirits)

  1. This post starts out on sexism but becomes one over all inequalities portrayed in the book. I think that if you reversed that and took a more general approach, then narrowed down a few specific scenes or concepts, this would be a really strong post. I think that you have some good ideas and if organized properly, would be very informative and persuasive.


  2. I find that the power dynamic that surrounds Esteban to be something worth exploring more, I feel that the change in character between Esteban’s love for Rosa, and his ‘love’ for Clara is something worth exploring more, and it is important to note that his blatant sexism really began to develop when he went to Tres Marias, and was exposed to the more ‘uncivilized’ style of living, where mans hold on women is much more direct and less social than it was in the city.


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